How to add a sitemap of your Pod Page to WordPress Yoast SEO

Usually if you wanted to add Pods pages to your sitemaps, you would add the Pods SEO plugin. But that recently stopped working with Yoast, due to Yoast’s changes in the admin structure ( With sitemap configuration admin pages missing, the pods plugin had nowhere to show the options any longer ) So the next […]

How to import images from URLs into your WordPress Pods

Importing external images into your WordPress media library is a fairly common task when porting a site from one system to another. Or maybe you’re filling your database from a .CSV spreadsheet, and want to fill it as well with profile images or product images. So provided you’ve set up your Pod already, and it […]

Looping through WordPress Comments Programmatically and comparing their Meta

Recently I was importing comments and reviews from one CMS to a WordPress CMS. I couldn’t find a way to loop through comments fields with Pods unfortunately, as the comments themselves weren’t extended yet with Pods. But that doesn’t mean we can’t cycle through them in the good old-fashioned WordPress way : In this example […]

How to create a Pods page

A very basic tutorial on how to structure your pods project and on how to start with Pods. It can be quite confusing at times to find proper and current material online about it, so let’s keep it simple. This tutorial is written for the currently latest Pods version 2.3 What do we want to […]

Use Pods for Email templates in WordPress

In some of our plugins we need to create customizable Email Templates for our customers – to e.g. let them adjust text to their Company’s needs. This is easily done – again – with the versatile Pods Framework. You could use this easy snippet to allow for templating of texts such as : Hello {first_name}, […]

Display Thumbnails with Pods

In WordPress you often times want to show smaller sized versions of an image, e.g. the featured image of the post. There are a few applications and methods to accomplish the display of thumbnails with Pods Framework in WordPress. Pods has an especially useful one, as it forces the creation of the thumbnails if they […]

Output JSON with Pods

Pods is a great framework for WordPress. It enables you to create your data structures with basic point and click actions, transforming WordPress into a really easy to enhance CMS system. Pods pages with the permalink URL structure also allow you to code your own little JSON endpoints for a Frontend app. You might to […]