This post was written by Markus Stefanko

Update all Docker Images at once

Update ( 2018 ):

As mentioned in the comments, you can by now also use the following syntax :

docker images --filter "dangling=false" --format "{{.Repository}}:{{.Tag}}" | xargs -L1 docker pull

This would then update all images that aren’t currently dangling ( Images that show up with <none> as they aren’t used any longer. You should clean those up regularly.

Original post ( 2014 ) :

For future quick reference, currently using this quick fix to update all Docker images to which we have repository access, on a specific host at once :

docker images | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -L1 docker pull

It might throw an error when it hits ‘CONTAINER’ and ‘none’ entries, as well as locally built images – however those can be of course ignored.

by Markus Stefanko