This post was written by Markus Stefanko

Welcome – stay awhile, and listen.

Thanks for stopping by.

As we work with many exciting solutions and technologies, it became time to also document such on the public side so others could learn from our failures and experiences gained. Especially since we keep on repeating the same advice to different clients, friends and partners, it became evident that a blog outlet would be the perfect place to push such info quickly and effectively.

This will also become a nice playground to work with WordPress plugins in beta stage and new implementations, and also to check out how to quickly build upon the Markdown implementations on the market, as markdown is the way to go in quick writing for code based solutions. One of our favourite tools for markdown is made by the brilliant guys behind It quickly became the replacement for rapid document prototyping for us – a replacement for notepad with team-edit capabilities.

It’s exciting to share our insights, and hopefully you’ll stick around for the many updates to come.

Cheers, and enjoy!


by Markus Stefanko