Display Thumbnails with Pods

In WordPress you often times want to show smaller sized versions of an image, e.g. the featured image of the post. There are a few applications and methods to accomplish the display of thumbnails with Pods Framework in WordPress. Pods has an especially useful one, as it forces the creation of the thumbnails if they […]

Hosting does not equal hosting

It’s not easy at first to explain what we exactly do, as it feels so natural on our end. But also due to the choice of words that you have to underline and expand upon on. For example hosting a website. Nowadays it has become equal with signing up a domain on Godaddy for 10$ […]

Output JSON with Pods

Pods is a great framework for WordPress. It enables you to create your data structures with basic point and click actions, transforming WordPress into a really easy to enhance CMS system. Pods pages with the permalink URL structure also allow you to code your own little JSON endpoints for a Frontend app. You might to […]

Welcome – stay awhile, and listen.

Thanks for stopping by. As we work with many exciting solutions and technologies, it became time to also document such on the public side so others could learn from our failures and experiences gained. Especially since we keep on repeating the same advice to different clients, friends and partners, it became evident that a blog […]