Random screenshot names on Mac OS X

With services like Dropbox coming now with cool automated Screenshot sharing features, it’d be also nice to : Reduce the screenshots in size, so they don’t eat more space than necessary Be able to simply shorten the screenshot names on Mac OS, so they aren’t saved every time as Screenshot 2014-02-18 19.45.38.png – especially since […]

Backup Docker to Amazon S3

There is a great tutorial in GIST form on how to backup MySQL Databases through a Cron Job to Amazon S3 by David King over at Github. Let’s use that to periodically backup running Docker containers to your Amazon S3 bucket as well. A word of caution: Note that with every backup we’ll do a […]

Check with Javascript for mobile users

In a time where responsive design is very prevalent, there are still a few wysiwyg providers which struggle with allowing such content. For example we like to use Unbounce for a quick landing page generation, but due to the nature of the wysiwyg editor, it’s not possible at this time to create responsive landing pages […]

Clean up after Docker

After many build and run sessions with Dockerfiles, you’ll be mostly left with a few left-over containers, unneeded mounts and exited images. Especially if you don’t use the ‘rmi’ flag when running docker build. Find out how many images Docker has on a system You can always inspect which images are currently clogging up your […]

How to create a Pods page

A very basic tutorial on how to structure your pods project and on how to start with Pods. It can be quite confusing at times to find proper and current material online about it, so let’s keep it simple. This tutorial is written for the currently latest Pods version 2.3 What do we want to […]